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S.O.L.O. Launches!

4/1/23, 4:00 PM

The first S.O.L.O. Event was a success! Thank you to the volunteers who helped have fun with the kids and show them that we care! We played games, had lunch and did a wonderful Bible story activity where everyone participated.

Saving Our Loved Ones (SOLO) launched it’s first Saturday FUN DAY for children at the Brookford community center at 10:00 am on Saturday, April 1st. Children and adults came despite a rainy first day.  During the sign-in process and while waiting for everyone to come, the kids and adults entered the gymnasium and played some fun games like air hockey, Operation and checkers.

Glenda is the Shepherd’s Hand director in charge of all we do.  Thank you Glenda! After a warm welcome by Glenda, the kids and adults participated in “Ice Breaker” bingo. Everyone had to find out something about everyone else and have their Bingo card signed.  Much to our delight, everyone had fun and eventually everyone got BINGO.  It was nice to meet people and learn a lot of interesting things about each other.

After bingo, we had a Bible story read and presented on “flannel graph” with scenes. The Bible story started with a globe showing Hickory and Israel and a little geography lesson as well as ancient history. Then the scenes and story were played out in colorful felt pieces of people, plants, building and Jesus all on a 4 foot wide flannel scene board. The children did a great job answering and asking questions about the story.  It was fun and both the children and the adults were engaged.

After the story, everyone went to the cafeteria to work on the Bible story coloring page, or activity page or both.  Crayons and pens were passed out. For some, that was the best time because we could talk to each other, work on our projects and get to know each other even better.  After a little while, lunch was served.  We had sub sandwiches, potato chips, orange slices and cookies.  And…  Hawaiian Punch!  We were finished by 1:00.

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