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S.O.L.O (Save Our Loved Ones)

SOLO stands for Saving Our Loved Ones.  This ministry encourages our team to build relationships with children and elderly who desperately need Godly love and fellowship.  This includes a children’s ministry of fun, love and Bible teaching on certain Saturdays as well as giving gifts and spending time with elderly folks at senior centers and homes.  

Some of the ways we help people are to 


  • Purchase gift cards for grocery stores or retail stores.  

  • Gift cards for gas stations or supply stores.  

  • Help people with rent, utilities, or other necessary housing costs.  

  • Car repairs and other job-related expenses that are crucial for everyday life.  

The Hand Up gift is a gift to help you keep going.  We all need help from time to time.  Those who help from their abundance may need help someday themselves. Shepherd’s Hand is a great place to get help and a great place to give help.  God is our ultimate provider and we are His stewards.  

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